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Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) is an Indian multinational conglomerate company headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Reliance owns businesses across India engaged in energy, petrochemicals, textiles, natural resources, retail, and telecommunications. Reliance is one of the most profitable companies in India, the largest publicly traded company in India by market capitalization, and the largest company in India as measured by revenue after recently surpassing the government-controlled Indian Oil Corporation.

An anonymous former Reliance Industries Limited employee recounts his experience working for the company on the "Glassdoor" website on August 20, 2020:


Employees are hired and fired at will in reliance jewels. Favoritism and office politics is rampant. Senior management makes juniors scapegoat and forces them to quit. They had a bad work culture and no job security for employees."


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Security Officer (Former Employee) says

"This Company hires you and doesn't tell you that they are a 1099 company. such a treacherous move on their workers. Not only that they also don't have any insurance plans covering their workers. Not a good company to work for."

General manager (Former Employee) says

"Nothing special.did good modifications efficiently.. plant further stabilized.further capacity increased.average to execute activities good support is to be there.not is one man show who is neither technical nor a business expert"

Security Officer (Former Employee) says

"i did not like working nights i used to work in a big office place and walk around seeing it was safe there my hours were 7pm to 7 am monday to fridaygoing homeyhe night were to long"

PROJECTS HSE MANAGER (Current Employee) says

"Work with reliance is like work with family. I learnt alot from them in my short time.They are very kind and never force for any work.They will give you task on daily base and they will also help you. Workplace culture is like a home.Everything is fantastic. The hardest pat of the job is when morning workers do overtime. The most enjoyable part of the job is that we always work together with cooperation and friendly."

Order Filler (Former Employee) says

"Not a good work environment. Always was something going on between workers and supervisors. Nobody helped others out. Just wasn't a good environment. Sometimes didn't seem like supervisor's knew what was going on. Orders were getting misplaced and being wrong."

BUSINESS EXECUTIVE (Current Employee) says

"Management not good preferable for new mbaJob location is delhi"

Installer (Current Employee) says

"Manager was the worst person I have ever worked for he was insulting and has know idea how to talk or treat employees the work is under payed and unorganized"

Sales Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"Not interested in Salary, I am dedicated to that work,willness,job is tough,some who are interested in goods carrier, sales,other activities,security etcNo lunches5 hours"

sequrity guard (Former Employee) says

"Good company at all. and this good company in jamnagar gujrat . this is good company and salary was also good but very high distance also. this is not foodlomg hour"

Fort St. John - Truck Driver (Former Employee) says

"When I first started to work there it was great. Bosses were friendly and helpful, but as time went on the work culture changed. They seem to have a system where they single a few employees out and bully them, making worklife more stressful than what it needs to be. Some guys they never seem to bother with even if they spill large amounts of fluid on the ground."

Sales manager (Former Employee) says

"Initial it was good but as the time passed away all their commitments proved to be false. Atmosphere of the office was not good. And many prossallery issues, lies, no holiday specific, no proper management"

Director of Marketing and Admissions (Former Employee) says

"RUN!!!! This is not an ethical company, many upper level managers are not qualified for their positions. One upper level executive was hired right out of the mall.NoneEverything"

CE (Former Employee) says

"OK Reliance is Very good company I know, but where already done that reliance company is not so good, mainly the management is too poor and not employer's friendly. No off days, no rest even in a month. Salary timing is late sometime 3 to 4 days forwarded.No seek days off no medical leaves. Overall its boring just like we robots go and follow our commands.No enjoyments even festival allowance is what they don't know.Overtime is 100% always but no extra benefits and lunch time is only is done well in time thats all.overtime, salary timming is late etc."

Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Company has not informed that first u're in payroll and suddenly they tell u work for technical support process and there work load is to heavy to reference any services and multiple way of dealing through a customer and continued way of working hours and there is timer which has to be setup when u login ur pc and the working process of 8 hours is not completed in this company u have to sit and complete ur working hours shift and then u go home and there is no cab services at all if person stuck somewhere they told u that trains are stopped and the company tells that u have to come on time anyhow situationLong hours working"

Customer Care Executive (Former Employee) says

"i learned how to handled a customer and how to behave with co-workersfree pick up and droplong duration"

trainee manager (Former Employee) says

"growing company with friendly trainer & coworkers . Lots to learn about marketing, how to deal with people, how to behave modest"

Associate Operation (Former Employee) says

"Its was good to start with such a big organisation, But the management was not good and well qualified, internally lot of partiality is going with employee."

Sale excecutive (Former Employee) says

"It's a good store and the environment also was good and the staff also are all well trained for their respective work and all they are friendly and it's have four different department and the staff was divided on that four department including three managers which handle the entire store.No suchDepends"

Accounts Receivable Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Reliance is not a place for you to learn or grow. It's a place you call a job. Banks, Telcos are places you want to grow and have advancement. Reliance is like your grandpa's old sofa. Nobody cares its there and no one wants to throw it out but you want to.Close to the subwayToo many hands in the pot."

Software Engineer (Former Employee) says

"As per me, I wont be joining reliance company any more in future. Management is not at all workaholic." is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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